What You Eat Is Important For Healthy Skin


If you want to improve your skin by eating healthy, you need to ditch all processed and pre-packaged foods. It is amazing that people still do not understand the type of havoc these foods cause to the body. Frozen meals, protein bars and the likes contain little or nada nutrients beneficial to the body. In addition, their high levels of sodium and sugar undermine efforts of having good-looking skin.

If you want good-looking skin, you need to incorporate more greens. Eat them in raw form as frequently as you can. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, collard greens, argula and kale reduce inflammation in the body because of their high concentration of antioxidants. Inflammation is a prominent indicator of aging. These foods also contain impressive levels of minerals, vitamins, fiber and phytochemicals.

Reduce glutten and dairy intake. Cut down on the caffeine and carbohydrates. Yes, that includes bread, potatoes, rice and pasta too! What you should avoid like a plague is sugar. White sugar and processed carbohydrates convert to sugar in the body, robbing our bodies of vitamins and minerals needed to keep us healthy.

Eat at least two pieces of fruit every day. Avoid red apples and go with green because red apples contain higher levels of sugar. Eat food with no salt. Salt is a major culprit that dehydrates the skin. Salt ingestion coerces the body to pinch water from the skin and dilute the salt inside the bloodstream. It takes the human body over 5 days to get rid of any water retention caused by salt.


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