Say Bye-Bye to Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are long and narrow streaks, people develop when the body changes. These marks start out as red or purple streaks but end up as silver shiny-like scars on the body. Stretch marks appear everywhere on the body. However, they are more prominent around the upper thighs, breasts, upper arms and tummy especially after sudden weight gain. 90% of pregnant women are also bound to have stretch marks.

Stretch marks are caused by the skin stretching out over a period of time. When we gain weight, the body tries to keep up with the changes by stretching out the skin. However, the human skin can only stretch so far and after that it loses its capability to return back to normal. It is this shortcoming that leads to a tear in the middle of the skin and voila…a stretch mark is born!

Once stretch marks breakout, go the long hog and turn white, they are stubborn to treat. So once they begin to develop, get a product that deals with them squarely. The best anti-stretch mark products usually comprise of natural oils that are massaged into the skin. These oils boost circulation and provide the nutrients the skin requires to recover from being stretched out.

Goodbye Stretch Marks from Mama Mio is a powerful blend of healer ingredients that work in unison and work towards smoothing out stretch marks. This cream subtly erases previous stretch marks and prevents new ones from emerging. This is a must-have during pregnancies and breast-feeding periods.

Bio Oil comprises of a balance of vitamins and plant extracts which ends up in giving the oil the impetus to combat stretch marks and wage war against uneven skin tone and scars. The good thing about this oil is that it is not sticky or greasy. This is another must-have for pregnant women when weight is sure to spike.


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