How to Organize Your Makeup Collection


In your quest to look good and stay on top of the latest trends have you amassed an incredible makeup collection that could do with some organizing?

Here are some smart ways to organize your collection and still find it easy to access whatever you might be looking for.

Follow the Use-By Dates

Your makeup stash is impressive. But are you sure you really need all that you have amassed? One good way to find out is to check manufacture dates and see which kit is past its best. Expired makeup leaves you susceptible to breakouts and infections. So do not try to keep them simply because you have not used them. Go through your makeup kits and if they are no longer fresh, lose them.

Never keep eyeliners and mascara more than 3 months. Lipliners, lipsticks and foundation are no good after 12 months. Cream eye shadows do not last beyond 18 months. Powders and eye shadows stretch up to 24 months.

Sort Into Categories

Sort your makeup into categories so that you can see what you need quickly. Split your collection into lip liners and lipsticks, eye shadows, mascaras and primers, foundations and concealers. Everyday makeup should have its own special stand. Whether you settle for drawers to keep them, cute little boxes or trays, organizing your kits into categories makes life easier.

Clean, Reuse, Recycle

Even pretty packages make a sore sight for the eyes when they are and not cleaned up. You are saddled with removing makeup smudges and cleaning messy lids with antibacterial wipes because they are breeding grounds for bacteria and put you at the risk of an infection.

Give everything a spring clean and put vitals away. Pay special attention to complexion sponges and makeup brushes when cleaning. Use candle jars for your makeup brushes, clean out the old wax and you are good as new. Find other creative ways to store brushes and makeup.

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