3 Brilliant Ways to Whiter Teeth


Sometimes the best accessory is not makeup, dazzling jewelry or toting a designer bag. It is a mega-watt smile. Here are 3 brilliant ways to make your teeth look whiter.

Teeth Whitening Products

This is an obvious one. But sometimes it is the simple things that escape our mind or rather give a false impression it might not work. Use a simple illuminating approach to give your teeth a snow white boost. At the moment, we are in love with iWhite Instant Professional Teeth Whitening Kit.

This awesome kit comes with 10 disposable trays which you wear for 20 minutes daily. This helps brighten your teeth in a simple, safe and efficient way. The good thing about this one is that no cleaning up is needed. You just use and dispose!

Blue-Toned Lipstick

Color contrasts are one of the oldest tricks in the book. But it still works like fire up to this day. Wear blue toned lipstick like Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in Shade 1. Why? This amazing baby compliments the yellow tones in your teeth, making it look whiter almost immediately. This is not a long-term fix. However, it is a brilliant tip that makes a world of difference in the short-term.

A Fake Tan

Fake tans are another easy fix. The general rule is that warmer looking skin make teeth look whiter. Naturally this differs from one skin tone to the other. If you are blessed with naturally dark skin, chances are that your teeth would look like you just grew them. For the paler people, a fake tan is an approach we might need to adopt. Vita Liberata’s pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan is the secret weapon!

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